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Do you want to get faster race times? Matt Stroke and Stride

Need to lose some extra kilos while your still exercising and training?

Hitting the gym hard out but not losing weight?

Can’t fit into your wet suit and don’t want to spend another grand on a new one?

Then the Big Manly Beach Diet is for you and as an athlete or active person still training you can lose from 6 – 10 kilos of excess body fat and become pumped with vitality and boost your performance!

Big Manly Beach Diet promotes healthy weight loss especially for athletes and active people as it targets the stored fat rather than the structural fat. It is because of this targeting of specific types of fat which makes my program so effective as well as the fact that it avoids burning good muscle. Big Manly Beach Diet promotes a healthy lean look by zoning in on only the excess fat that you as an athlete need to lose. This not only makes you look more athletic and toned but boosts your overall performance.

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If you are at your goal weight then this 100% Natural Maintenance Program and Dietary supplement can be used in conjunction with any Weightloss Program that you have completed for successful Weightloss Maintenance and on going Weight Management.

Starting back on your regular eating plan with the help of this complete natural program adds the calories and nutrition you need to stabilize your new weight in the right way. This is the phase in any diet that  can be particularly difficult as you start to reintroduce foods.

This complete weight maintenance program along with the natural Dietary Supplement helps to:

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