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My name is Graeme Jordan, I live at beautiful Big Manly Beach in New Zealand.

I have been in business for over 20 years and have been helping thousands of New Zealanders shed weight naturally with my proven and effective weight management programs I am passionate about helping athletes and active people who don’t want to give up their training, but still need to ditch 6 – 10 kilos of excess body fat to boost their performance. Big Manly Beach Diet promotes a healthy lean look by zoning in on only the excess fat that you as an athlete need to lose. This not only makes you look more athletic and toned but also helps boost your overall performance, have more energy and feel fantastic.

Big Manly Beach Diet is a powerful diet combining a simple eating plan and solid support system promoting healthy weight loss with great long term health benefits. It is packed with natural amino acids, herbs, vitamins and essential nutrients which support athlete’s muscle tissue, metabolism, appetite suppression, overall health and wellness and help athletes lose weight while carrying on training. If you are serious about losing weight, boosting your performance and looking lean then Big Manly Beach Diet is for you! Buy from me with confidence and I give you my 100% guarantee you will lose weight if you follow my program correctly. Don't let excess fat control your life, your health,your waistline and your performance.


Graeme Jordan 
Big Manly Beach, New Zealand.

Phone: 0800 777 848 anytime

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