Hitting the Gym Hard looking to lose Weight

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How many times have you joined a gym and hit the excercises and training hard out, only to find that the weight you were expecting to lose over the next couple of months, just stays firmly planted on all those places where you would prefer it not to be. Here is the delema when your body starts to excercise hard and if you are already carrying a few extra pounds, your body thinks hey this person has gone crazy. I need to help out here . I will retain this stored fat because at the rate they are going they are going to need it . The first thing that happens if you are not eating the right type of food for your increased energy needs, the body starts to use the supportive fat around your organs and tissue. You need this fat to stop your organs banging together. What you are not losing is the stored fat which is usually stored around the waist on men and on the buttocks and thighs of women..Just to name a few places on both sexes

If you can get the right program that balances the food intake verses energy output and with added nutrients from supplements the stored fat can be released and in a very short period of time you can change your whole body shape . You will look fitter and younger and a lot of the toxins that are also stored in this fat storehouse will be released from your system making your body healthier.


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