What's the 'BUZZ' on the water of life?

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What’s the buzz on “the water of life?”

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Zero fat, zero cholesterol, zero added sugar, no additives and not from concentrate. Packed with essential electrolytes (Sodium, Magnesium, Calcium, Potassium, Phosphorus) Pure organic coconut water is a huge hit with athletes and anyone into health and weight management! Not only does it hydrate the body it’s jam-packed with the vital nutrients that are lost during work-outs. Facts you may not know:  a 350ml serving of coconut water has twice the potassium of a banana, in some tropical countries coconut water is used as a breast milk substitute, during the 1940s Pacific War wounded soldiers were given emergency plasma transfusions of coconut water. WOW! this stuff has some major health magic and provides a huge range of healing goodness. Here’s a few to get you thinking: helps digestion, aids reproduction, clears the urinary tract but one which is amazing is that due to coconut water being so similar to that of human plasma it can be used intravenously to help severe potassium and dehydration. More uses of this refreshing coconut water in the treatment of stomach flu, dysentery, kidney problems, indigestion and constipation. Research has also shown that consuming coconut water may produce an anti-aging effect on the body and keep you younger! It can help regulate blood pressure, help reduce the risk of strokes and cardiovascular disease and also assist in lowering cholesterol. We love the Kiwi company nuju which produces pure organic coconut water and which harvests green coconuts that are between 6 – 9 months old and extracts the pure liquid inside. Then gently pasteurizes (heats) then seals the Coconut Water in Tetra Pak to ensure its freshness and natural goodness and then it can be delivered to your door within New Zealand. How cool is that! Everyone young and old can benefit from drinking coconut water and it is one of the preferred beverages on the Graeme Jordan HCG Natural Weightloss diet. Check it out here: http://www.nuju.co.nz/index.php

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