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Hi, my name is Renate, I am 42 and a mother to 5 young children. After having 5 children getting rid of that stubborn unwanted fat around my stomach has always been hard work for me and I have tried everything! Also when I decided to enter my first Powerlifting Comp I desperately needed to lose the excess body fat to get into the best shape I could in a short time. The success I had doing the Big Manly Beach Diet was fantastic and I had to share my results with you. I started on the weightloss program at 70 kgs and did the 20 Day Challenge and got down to 62 kgs – only 3kgs away from pre pregnancy weight. I did this still training hard for my Powerlifting Comp and running around with 5 very active children. I had heaps of energy and I lost all the bad fat so my muscles looked amazing and my whole body toned up which was great.

Thanks Graeme and Dee  for introducing me to your wonderful product and proven program with all your support.The Big Manly Beach Diet 20 Day Challenge really works as you said it would. By the way I did really well at my Competition and achieved all my lifts and am training for another Comp in December!





Well done Jackie - really proud of what you have achieved so far and especially the way you kept in touch - AWESOME!

Here's Jackie's story of how it went.

Hi my name is Jackie and I am 48.
I was checking out a friend’s facebook page and saw the Big Manly Diet and thought that is for me.
I am working and have two school aged children and have struggled to get the weight off for years.
I am currently training for another 10 km run, I did my first 10.5 at Orewa earlier on this year.
My Starting weight was 82.4 a very sad weight to admit.
My current training includes two weight based sessions a week, at least 4 x 30 min runs per week with a longer one in the weekend, plus I attend my friends Zumba class.
After doing Big Manly Beach Diet for 20 days I have lost 6kg and am now down to 76.4.
I found the eating plan was about being organised and making the family meal fit around what I was allowed.
My Energy levels have been great and I am really focused to continue and get down to my goal weight before I am bridesmaid in early February so am carrying on with the eating plan. 

A big thanks to Graeme who kept in touch and kept me on track, fantastic support.
To anyone who wants to lose weight and carry on with their training then go for it! I highly recommend the Big Manly Beach Diet to not only kick start your weight loss but you will feel so much better training when you are not carrying the extra weight around.
Good Luck.

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