Weightloss Maintenance Program

Weightloss Maintenance Program

The Weight Maintenance Program that can be used after completing any weight loss plan to maintain your new weight.
Tips to keep the weight off and what to eat now that you have lost the weight.


The  Complete Program and Dietary Supplement to Stabilize your New Weightloss

The 100% Natural Maintenance Program and Dietary supplement can be used in conjuction with any Weightloss Program that you have completed for successful Weightloss Maintenance and on going Weight Management.

Starting back on your regular eating plan with the help of this complete natural program adds the calories and nutrition you need to stabilize your new weight in the right way. This is the phase in any diet that  can be particularly difficult as you start to reintroduce foods.

This complete maintenance program along with the natural Dietary Supplement helps to:

  • maintain and suport muscle development
  • burn fat and convert that fat into energy
  • continues to promote weightloss
  • suppresses appetite 

Natural Amino Acids are the building blocks of protein.  Muscles, tendons and organs are made up of protien which contributes to the second largest  portion of our body weight. These natural amino acids all help to support muscle recovery, support and transport of the fat into the cell to be burned for increased energy production, helps build muscle mass and maintains muscles, prompts the release of growth hormones, this also promotes the metabolism of excess body fat. Combined with exercise, can support muscle growth and fat metabolism and aid in retarding muscle degeneration in the body.

The natural B.12 in the Weightloss Maintenance supports energy and raises the metabolism. B vitamins also support the metabolism of fats and proteins. All B vitamins assist in conversion of carbohydrates to energy combined with other essential vitamins especially after you have completed a natural weightloss program it is a good time to include this vitamin.

Also Included are natural appetite suppressants which reduces hunger and elevates energy levels and reduces the absorption of carbohydrates and cholesterol in the body. These all give natural support and are used for the management of cholesterol, diabetes, and weight.

The Maintenance Program will support the completion of your weightloss program and help you back into making the right food choices for you and your body. You will have the knowledge and tools to manage your leaner, fitter and healthier body and have heaps of energy to live a heathier life maintain a healthier weight long term.

What's Included:

Eating guidelines for Week 1 of Maintenance
The Weight Gainers
What to do now you have reset the control mechanism in your brain?
Listen to your body as you reintroduce new foods
Most addictive foods
If you react badly to a food do this
The Basic Rules to Recap:
What about breakfast? Tips
What about Fibre?
Perfect Proteins from Week 1 onwards
Choice Carbohydrates, Fresh Power NZ Fruits, Cooked Vegetables,
Fats - Good & Bad
Starchy Carbs to be careful of, Grains, Breads & Cereals, Dressings
Week 4  On - Power Lean Recipes
Shopping for Your Life
Supplements and Exercise - references

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